Elizabeth Kennen has been drawing and painting since childhood. Watercolor is a favorite medium, which she has been working in for many years. She uses watercolor pencils for added detail and texture. Elizabeth also enjoys the world of oil painting as she seeks to expand her creative pallette. Her love of nature and old European architecture are reflected in her paintings. Inspiration for her compositions have usually come from documenting her travels. A peaceful inviting atmosphere is created, with a real appreciation of the beautiful and interesting things that surround us. Hopefully the viewer is interested and may want to visit these places, escaping for a while.

Elizabeth grew up in a very creative household, filled with art and music. The encouragement of family and friends has always been important to her and she extends this to her own children, lovingly encouraging their artistic creativity.

You may see Elizabeth’s paintings at various locations around the East Bay as part of The East Bay Artist Guild and Las Juntas Artist Association. Please contact her if you wish to have a painting commissioned.

Thank You.